05/02/2014 10:23 GMT | Updated 05/02/2014 10:59 GMT

Musala Amil, 'Possessed Woman, Murdered By Sons Who Then Ate Her Organs' In Philippines (VIDEO)

Three Filipino brothers reportedly murdered their own mother then ate her organs in a horrifying ritual killing, believing she'd become possessed by bad spirits, police have said.

Dante Amil, 35, and his younger siblings Paroy, 21, and Ibrahim, 18, allegedly tortured and butchered Musala Amil, 56, at their home in Ampatuan over several days

Neighbours reported hearing strange noises coming from the family home for days before the body was found, local reports said.

The sons, who all deny murder, ate parts of their mother raw, investigators said.

They said they had been trying to drive away an illness they believed was brought on by a bad spirit.

Community leaders said the three men killed their mother and feasted on parts of her body as if they were wild animals.

Police are looking into reports the family had a history of mental disorders but are not ruling out the role of drug abuse in the killing, the Daily Mail reported.