06/02/2014 09:49 GMT | Updated 06/02/2014 09:59 GMT

Russia: Giant Wooden Penis Appears On Vladimir Putin Critic's Car (PICTURE)

A Russian activist has found a giant wooden penis chained to her car.

The 200-pound phallic structure carved out of wood, was perched atop Katya Romanovskaya's BMW, much to her surprise.

The outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin shared a photo of the wooden penis on Facebook, commenting that her work was finally recognised.

The New Republic, which first reported the special delivery, writes:

This is the kind of cockamamie (sorry) prank that reeks (sorry) of Nashi, the pro-Kremlin youth group founded after Ukraine's Orange Revolution in 2005. It was the Kremlin's way to engage the youth in politics by paying and brainwashing them to be their blunt instrument of revenge. These kids, often from poor families, have strange imaginations that center almost always on the scatalogical and the sexual... They manage to pull off these kinds of pranks by having the resources of the state at their disposal.

Despite the practical difficulty of removing the phallus – with police “laughing too hard to get their act together” – the giant wooden phallus is now, apparently, Romanovskaya's property, she noted on Facebook.