06/02/2014 03:43 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kylie Minogue Continues Instagram Shoe Fetish (And We're A Teensy Bit Jel)

Kylie Minogue loves to upload a #shoeoftheday on her Instagram page and, quite frankly, we've had it up to here (moves hand to top of head) with it. Not only is she incredibly successful and stunning, her shoe collection is to die for.

The most recent offering? Amazing black Guiseppe Zanotti heels with a crystal ankle cuff and a feature zip up the back. Divine.

Kylie wrote: "I took this #shoeoftheday snap at @willdavidsonphoto shoot 😁👠📷 #Zanotti."

The singer, who is currently promoting her new single Into The Blue (watch the full video right here), also shared a pic from the shoot, just hanging out in her slacks looking all, you know, fabulous. "Another photo shoot. Time out for a coffee", she tweeted.

Get more of a glimpse into Kylie's amazing lifestyle (and wardrobe) below: