Chicken Wears Prosthetic Tail To Walk Like A Dinosaur, For Science... Apparently (VIDEO)

Grossi et al/PLOS ONE

Here is a chicken wearing a prosthetic tail to see if it walks like a dinosaur.

It is well-known that there is evolutionary areas overlap when it comes to dinosaurs and modern-day birds, Sam Neill taught us that much in Jurassic Park.

Now one group of scientists has taken this theory one step further, by attaching what looks like a plunger to a chicken's bottom.

In a paper entitled "Walking Like Dinosaurs: Chickens with Artificial Tails Provide Clues about Non-Avian Theropod Locomotion" published on PLOS ONE, researchers simulated how a seven tonne T-Rex, which measured over 40ft long, would have walked.

The researchers raised 12 chicks for 12 weeks to study their walking patterns.

The chickens were separated into three groups. Four chickens were fitted with prosthetic tails made of wooden sticks and modelling clay, which were replaced every five days as the chickens grew bigger. Another four had lead weights strapped to their backs, and the last four chickens were raised untouched.

The conclusion:

"Chickens raised wearing artificial tails, and consequently with more posteriorly located centre of mass, showed a more vertical orientation of the femur during standing and increased femoral displacement during locomotion," the researchers wrote.

We're not entirely sure what that means, but we love the video.