EA 'Dungeon Keeper' Rating System Sneakily Keeps Bad Reviews Of Google Play Store

EA Are Being Very Sneaky...

The folk at EA games are being sneaky - really sneaky.

In an effort to avoid bad reviews of their new game, 'Dungeon Keeper', appearing on the Google Play store, players are presented with two actions when prompted to leave a rating....

If you press '1-4 stars' you're shown an e-mail form that sends feedback directly to EA, effectively keeping it private.

By pressing '5 stars' however, the user is taken to the Google Play store where they can leave their gushing praise in view of the whole world.

While not technically breaking any rules, the technique is a pretty underhand way of stacking the odds in EA's favour when so much is placed on community reviews.

EA said in statement: "The 'rate this app' feature in the Google Play version of Dungeon Keeper was designed to help us collect valuable feedback from players who don't feel the game is worth a top rating."

Hmm, sure...


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