10/02/2014 11:22 GMT | Updated 10/02/2014 11:59 GMT

Go Kart For Goldfish Liberates Trapped Fish At Last (VIDEO)

If you've ever felt despair for the lonely, trapped lives of the humble goldfish, we have the invention for you.

A design studio known as Studio Diip has created a motorised go-kart for goldfish which can be directly control by said goldfish.

The fish "decides" which way to move by swimming in a certain direction, which is captured by a web cam and processed by an on-board computer. Then the robot moves in the direction chosen by the piscine.

It's just a lab experiment for now, though we can't help but join in with Engadget in hoping this becomes a practical reality for consumers as soon as possible, followed by the immediate liberation of the ocean's fish onto the surface and an inevitable, horrible conflict resolved only by a collective decision to share a portion of chips.