James Arthur Hits Back At Press On Twitter: 'If I Was Anyone Else I'd Have Killed Myself By Now'

James Arthur has hit back at journalists over reporting of his latest Twitter spat with a glamour model, claiming the press are "vilifying" him.

The troubled 'X Factor' winner also shockingly claimed he'd have "killed himself by now with the abuse [he's] suffered".

James, currently on tour in Germany, took to Twitter after it was reported he had sent abusive texts to a model who rejected his advances.

James Arthur

"If I was anyone else id [sic] have killed myself by now with the abuse I've suffered because of the British media vilifying me," he wrote.

Adding: "Disgraceful propaganda. No proof. No substantial sources. People jumping on bandwagons. I wish I was still poor and unknown. This is hell."

Journalists were made aware of James's fall out with model Teddy Edwardes after he wrote on Twitter: "Very annoying when glamour models pretend they are talking to you to get there {sic] breasts in nuts magazine. #noselfrespect #LOVE."

Teddy replied to his slur, claiming: "Number one, I'm not a glamour model. Number Two, I don't get my tits out and number 3, why are you lying?"

“Not surprisingly, Teddy just told him she was busy. Then he totally snapped and got really angry and abusive. He couldn’t handle the rejection.”

Teddy earlier posted a screenshot of a Whats'sapp conversation, alleging to be between her and James, in which a man writes: "I would like to f*ck the living sh*t outta you," to which she declined.

James has now claimed his PA sent the messages, which turned abusive, after Teddy posted what she says is James's phone number online.

He then wrote: "07771898730 give my personal assistant who I sacked yesterday a ring and tell him I want my eyes back I can't see sh*t."

James's reps reportedly told Holy Moly: "There's no comment from James on this."

Last month, tweets slagging off the Brit Awards appeared on James's timeline, which he says was hacked.

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