Looks Like Kylie Minogue Has Earned Her Reported 50% Pay Rise, As 'The Voice' Attracts 8.44m Viewers

Looks Like Kylie's Worth Every Penny

Kylie Minogue looks to be worth every inch of her reported 50% pay rise for appearing on 'The Voice, after pulling in another big audience for 'The Voice' this weekend.

Kylie keeping viewers, and BBC bosses, equally happy

The BBC talent show, now in its third series and its first with KM in the chair, drew in an estimated 8.44m viewers on Saturday evening, making it the top TV show of the night, and with much of the credit going to an effervescent Kylie.

Do you tune in for The Voice? Is it 'the Kylie effect' that's drawing you in? Let us know below...

Last week, The Sun reported that BBC bosses are so keen to keep the Australian pop princess for another series that they were happy to offer her another £250,000 to stay - a 50% rise on her estimated £500,000 pay packet.

The real test will come this weekend, as the series enters its second phase - with no more chair-spinning nor button-pushing, and traditionally when the show loses its unique appeal and starts to struggle to keep the audience interested.

At the launch of this series, coach Will.i.am promised that there had been some changes to the show this year, which BBC bosses are confident should prevent a lull.

Watch this space.


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