Shia LaBeouf's 'Nymphomaniac' Paper Bag Isn't The Weirdest Red Carpet Appearance (PICTURES)

Shia LaBeouf was determined to make a statement as he appeared on the red carpet for 'Nymphomaniac', with a bag on his head, but he's not actually that brave or original.

Never mind an "I am not famous anymore" bag. Macy Gray wore writing on her actual dress - which acted like a billboard for her new album in 2001. And Steve-O from 'Jackass' literally pissed all over his film premiere appearance in 2006.

As Shia protests he doesn't want the world's attention anymore and thus gets the world's attention, we look back at the weird red carpet appearances that came before his...

Weirdest Red Carpet Moments

Weirdest Red Carpet Moments