'X Factor' Viewers Branded Racist By Actor Chris O'Dowd - Is He Right? (VOTE)

Chris O'Dowd has branded the viewing public 'racist', as he explained why he thinks black contestants on the 'The X Factor' leave the competition early.

In an interview with the Radio Times magazine, the 'Bridesmaid' star reportedly said: "Generally my favourites go out in the first few weeks and, of course, because the viewing public is so racist, all the black, strong singers go out in round five."

Chris O'Dowd

Despite this, the Irish actor claims he is a "big X Factor fan".

His comments come as part of an ongoing debate about online abuse black contestants on the show receive.

Most recently, 2013 finalist Hannah Barrett said she had been "disappointed" by the racist abuse she received while she was part of Simon Cowell's singing contest.

Hannah Barrett

Series One, 2004

X Factor winners