Klemens Torggler's 'Evolution Door' Is A Spectacular Reinvention Of An Ancient Tech

Somebody Just Reinvented The Door

While it might seem like a static technology, the humble door has been through a number of innovations and reinventions over the years.

Whether it's those massive door-within-door things you get in Oxbridge colleges, the swingable but chilly saloon doors of the American Wild West, or the electric and automatic doors of the modern era, time keeps marching on.

Now Austrian artist Klemens Torggler has taken another step forward into what might be a brighter, or at least slightly more confusing, doorway of the future.

Instead of a single hinged panel, his new 'Evolution Door' is actually a sort of folding triangular shape, which collapses in on itself and twists at the push of a finger, before straightening up on the other side.

The door is attached by pivots on the bottom and top, and has a hinge in the middle.

But the effect, once you actually see it, is astounding - calm, swift, beautiful and oddly novel.

There are downsides, of course, For one it appears that you would need a space equal to that of the doorway to keep the unfolded panels when the door is open - one of the benefits of a swinging door is that it's actually quite space efficient.

On the other hand, if you have the right space this is quite an intriguing idea - and will probably be showing up in art galleries, cool boutiques and those swish designer homes you read about in the Sunday papers.

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