The Perfect Love Song Revealed... Scientifically, With A Little Help From Spotify

What song gives you the tingles? Sends you into a romantic daydream even when you're hoovering?

Those clever folk at Spotify have come up with the perfect love song list, thanks to the science of an even more clever character - Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience, Jacob Jolji.

Jolij has analysed a vast array of love songs to reveal what constitutes the perfect love song, based on his formula which considers tempo, rhythm and chord progression.

When a man you don't know buys you flowers, that's chord progression

The research reveals that penning a perfect love song comes down this tried and tested formula: Sentimental lyrics + slow tempo + syncopated rhythm + major key + standard chord progression = perfect love song. The feeling of familiarity is also something which will keep us wanting to listen to the song again and again.

Professor Jolij says of Adele's cover of Bob Dylan's 'Make You Feel My Love': "You clearly hear the syncopated rhythm in the melody - it's (approximately) ONE - and - two - and - THREE - and - four - AND - ONE - and - two - and - THREE - and - four - AND - ONE - and etc. You see that there are two accents close together, repeating every bar. This creates the feel of a relaxed heartbeat, a sound we are very familiar with, as that is what we heard during our period in the womb. Some researchers believe this is the reason why these rhythms have a soothing and relaxing quality.’’

So now you know. Those tingles? Not passion at all, just science. With a bit of syncopation. Who said romance was dead, eh?

Here are the results of Professor Jolij's findings below... is he right, or have you got a favourite that defies all such physics? Let us know...