Luis Suárez Lookalike Takes Liverpool And Iraq By Storm (VIDEO)

When Celtic fans chanted "There's only two Andy Gorams" at the Rangers goalkeeper, it was because he had a mild form of schizophrenia. Iraqis are adamant there are two Luis Suárezes thanks to an uncanny lookalike.

Suárez's doppelgänger has even travelled to Liverpool to have photos taken with fans and players, including Daniel Sturridge, to capitalise on his likeness.

The Iraqi Suárez: May not be particularly good at football

The fan told Al Arabiya: "When I was in the streets of the UK everyone - even kids - said this is Suarez' - the whole street - and I always say I'm not Suarez. People there are crazy and I have to keep saying I'm not Suarez please don't touch me. I've met a few players but I'm sorry not to have met Suarez himself."

He added: "I like the classy Liverpool fans who have been supporting their team since the 80's when they were winning everything until now."