13/02/2014 08:55 GMT | Updated 13/02/2014 10:59 GMT

WATCH: Peter Garrigan Who Sued Police Tells Story, Part Of ITV's 'Tonight's Investigation Into Police Corruption

According to a new ITV poll, four out of ten people consider the British police to have a corruption problem.

The poll for ITV’s 'Tonight' programme asked 2,000 people for their views on the police in the light of the reporting of incidents such as ‘Plebgate’, the shooting of Mark Duggan, and the unmasking of Jimmy Savile as a serial sex offender.

Featured in the programme is Peter Garrigan, 26, who took the police to court after he was assaulted by an officer at a train station in Liverpool. In court, he claimed that officers then fabricated evidence against him to make Peter appear the guilty party.

An injured Peter was arrested and taken to a local police station, before being issued with a fixed penalty notice, alleging he’d used abusive and threatening behaviour. Last November, Peter was awarded £13,000 in compensation.

In our clip below, Peter, in his first interview, explains what happened to him...

Can We Trust The Police?: Tonight ITV at 7.30pm tonight, Thursday 13 February.