Facebook Valentine's Day Data Analysis Can Tell You When You'll Split Up (Almost)

Coverage of Facebook's collecting of user data usually focuses on the more sinister side relating to 'cyber surveillance' so it's nice to get another spin on it for a change.

The social network has trawled through a trove of information to collate some interesting facts on relationships to coincide with St Valentine's Day.

First up was the role of religion in relationships.

The UK was found to have one of the lowest incidences of same-religion relationships with 73%.

Although one of the lowest recorded, in a country with such a diverse mix of religions like the UK it would be expected to be much lower - around 21% - showing that people tend to marry within their faith group.

Next up, age and relationships.

The data found in most relationships the male is older by an average of 2.4 years but the difference between same-sex partners is higher.

Some of the most interesting data came from looking at the length of relationships...

It was found that a relationship that made it to three months are likely to survive four years or longer.

It also found the summer months from May to July were most likely to see break-ups while there is a dip in February - possibly because of Valentine's Day.