VALENTINE'S DAY DATING: 'Made In Chelsea' Star Francis Boulle Shows How NOT To Do It

We can’t all be budding Lotharios or seductive senoritas but, despite his wealth, fame and savoir faire, it seems 'Made in Chelsea' star Francis Boulle can get it more wrong than many.

A hidden-camera video of Francis created by new dating app Flirt Planet shows him trying out chat-up lines on members of the public, with some cringe-worthy results... WATCH HIM IN ACTION ABOVE.

The results of Flirt Planet’s research into the biggest dating turn-offs indicate that he’s in good company. The top ten turn-offs are:

1. Bragging (64%)

2. Talking about your exes (55%)

3. Talking about yourself too much (40%)

4. Mentioning the word ‘marriage’ (38%)

5. Getting their name wrong (37%)

6. Getting drunk (34%)

7. Making it too obvious you want to sleep with them (31%)

8. Being too quiet (28%)

9. Talking about celebrities you fancy (26%)

10. Talking about politics (22%)

What else is an instant turn-off? Let us know...