Winter Olympians On Tinder: Sochi Athletes Flood 'Hook-Up App'

PICS: There Are LOTS Of Winter Olympians On Tinder

One of the legends that surrounds the Olympics is the idea that - once the competitions are done - the Olympic Village essentially becomes a Bacchanalian sex festival.

And while we have no idea if that's true, it's easy to believe. All those young, toned, physically aggressive people stuck in one place, with nothing to do, and no clean lycra left to wear.

Whether or not this is connected we have - again - no idea. But it seems something is in the air in Sochi on the Black Coast of Russia, as it has emerged online that Winter Olympians are apparently flooding the hook-up app Tinder.

Needless to say, it's entirely possible that someone could be spoofing these accounts, and there is no evidence any of the athletes is using it for anything other than promotion. But we have to say, there's a little part of us that wishes we'd signed up for Ski Jump training about 15 years ago so we could be there to see for ourselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the - as far as we can tell as they're uploaded anonymously - Sochi Olympians of Tinder...


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