'Driverless Car' Concept Image Models Look Like They're About To Die, And Know It

The aim of these concept images sent out by Rinspeed was to show what a futuristic "living room on wheels" might be like once driverless cars are a practical reality, and not an entertaining but still ultimately pointless way to (a) spend your time as a Google engineer and (b) kill yourself.

The images from the 2014 Geneva Motor Show illustrate Rinspeed's "vision" of a Tesla Model S converted into a sort of first class airplane cabin/ski lodge.

Unfortunately, they forgot to tell the models who look instead like they are about to die - and know it.

Take a look at the horror that awaits you in the future, below.

Here are some other concept pics from the set - presumably taken just before the car speed off on its own accord and forgot how to brake.

Above: a bit more relaxed, but still doomed.

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