20/02/2014 09:31 GMT | Updated 20/02/2014 09:59 GMT

More Than Half Of Students Want A Job Over Going On Holiday

Joos Mind via Getty Images

A new survey by Student Beans reveals that for more than half the UK’s student population (51%), their number one priority is to find work this summer.

27% say their main priority for when term finishes is to get a summer job, whilst 24% will be starting the hunt for a full-time job after graduation.

In contrast, 19% say their number one aim this summer is to go on holiday, whilst 21% want to go travelling for an extended period of time. 9% of respondents say they want to go to a festival.

Reflecting the importance of finding a job this summer and perhaps the changing attitudes of young people, 73% of university students say studying is more important than going out during term-time.

Commenting on the results, James Eder, Founder of Student Beans says, “Priorities are shifting and students are looking to make the most of the time off in the summer. The opportunity to get valuable work experience and a CV boost is there - students now want to take action to increase their chances in the job market upon graduation and a holiday sometimes has to take a backseat. Not to mention trying to recoup a little extra spending money for the university year ahead.”

Jennie, aged 20 from Brighton says, “I think for me it is unfortunately going to be a job. My housing contracts overlap by two months this year, so I definitely won’t be able to afford to get away at the same time.”

Rachel, aged 20 from Ewell says, “I’m putting in overtime at work during term-time so I can afford to spend some time in the sun. This will be my last proper summer before graduating, so I’m going to make the most of it”.

Zoe, aged 21 from Kingston upon Hull says, “As a trainee teacher the only time I can really take to go on holiday is the summer. However we don’t get six weeks to do nothing - I will be working and planning for most of that time.”

To help students in their quest, Student Beans are running annual campaign, Refreshers Wall, The Student Year Planner, which features a dedicated Jobs & Education section. Students can find out about a free marketing summer school with the IDM, get advice from For Dummies on how to smash a job interview and search for a student friendly summer job in their local area on the Student Beans job listings board.