21/02/2014 11:02 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

L. Condom's Advert Says Men Do Care About Safe Sex

L. Condom's latest advert says "good men give a f*ck," about safe sex "so you should too".

The condom brand's "A Call to Good Men" commercial should actually be sold as: "A call to women across the world to find themselves a nice Abercrombie model-looking bloke, who drinks whiskey, gathers wildflowers and is keen to practice safe sex using organic, biodegradable condoms".

L. Condom's "good man" is apparently the guy of your dreams. He isn't afraid to pet puppies, meditate, chop wood, put a tent up or stop to smell flowers.

"They would never put harmful additives inside a woman's body," announces the voiceover. "Good men know sex isn't about conquering women, it's about making it worth her while."

And if that hasn't got you chomping at the bit then their slogan, "Good men give a f*ck," will surely have you stock piling L. Condoms and shacking up with the next hunter-gatherer you find.

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