This Real-Life 'Mario Kart' Is Surprisingly Awesome

While Nintendo seems increasingly sure that Mario Kart is all about characters yelping "woohoo" every two seconds, everyone who has played it knows it's about drift - IE the sensation of sliding around corners with controlled, masterful abandon.

Now you can get the feeling for real, now that an adult sized version of Razor's Crazy Cart is in development.

We've seen a version of this cart designed for children before, but with a limit of 10 stone for the driver it clearly wasn't for everyone.

Luckily Razor has responded to the outpouring of love for the idea, and has built the Crazy Cart XL for anyone who wants to drift around the streets in a manner exactly similar to Mario except you probably get crushed by a car and die at the end.

Take a look at how it works, above.

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