22/02/2014 21:08 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

McBusted Star Tom Fletcher Gets 'Dadvice' From Bandmate Matt Willis

McBusted's Tom Fletcher is about to become a father for the first time, and like many excited dads-to-be he's taken to the preparations with gusto.

Tom and his wife Giovanna are expecting their first baby later this year. Proving he's as comfortable with a paintbrush as he is with a guitar, the dad-to-be has been painting Mickey and Minnie Mouse murals for his baby's nursery. Watch the video above to see his handiwork come together.

The McBusted singer has also been getting 'dadvice' from his bandmate, singer Matt Willis, who has a daughter and son with wife Emma.

"The baby's due about two weeks before I first start on tour," Tom reveals on the Jonathan Ross Show. "It's the first baby. We don't know what we're doing yet, we're just going to make it up as we go along. Matt's got kids so I'm taking 'dadvice'."

Tom has been very attentive to his 29-year-old wife Giovanna throughout her pregnancy, even joining her on trips to the gym.

And it seems Tom's willing to go even further than most to help out his wife. He declared that if Giovanna struggles with breastfeeding that he's prepared to lend more than a helping hand, saying:


It is possible for a man, a human man, to breastfeed if the situation arises. A man will stand up to the challenge and produce milk to feed the baby. So if Giovanna can't breastfeed I'm going to step in and save the day.


Hmmm, despite his best intentions we're not convinced that Tom will be able to offer much help on that front. However it's clear to see just how excited he is about the imminent arrival of baby Fletcher.

He's been very vocal about how much he's enjoyed seeing scans of his unborn baby, recently tweeting: "Off for a baby scan. Whoop! Seeing my little human inside my other human."

He then posted an Instagram picture of the baby's foot alongside his own. Can you see the family resemblance?

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