24/02/2014 07:59 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mike Myers, Tim Robbins &Amp; Hank Azaria Talk Fatherhood

The Simpsons' voiceover artist Hank Azaria talks to celebrity dads, including Mike Myers and Tim Robbins, about how the role of parents has changed since they were children.

In the fifth episode of Hank's Fatherhood documentary series, he poses the question: 'Were you happy the way you were raised?'

Answers from Hank's famous friends range from, 'My parents were great,' to 'They were a pain in the ass,' and even:


I grew up with parents who would walk in a room and you would instantly want to hang yourself. I do not want to replicate that with my own children.


A lot has changed in a generation with a massive shift in parents' attitudes on ways to discipline children and how much freedom children should have.

But, no matter how hard we try to do things differently from our own mums and dads, it's inevitable that we will take on subconsciously some of our parents' child-rearing techniques.

Star of The Shawshank Redemption Tim Robbins says:

"I had that reactive thing happen where you realise what you've just said was something directly from your father's mouth. I actually uttered the sentence, 'Young lady we will not have that kind of behaviour here!'"

But why are we so keen to be the antithesis of our parents? As Hank discovers in the video above, we can learn some valuable lessons by looking back at our own childhoods, including the importance of family meals and practising good manners.

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