26/02/2014 10:29 GMT | Updated 26/02/2014 10:59 GMT

Kim Kardashian And Fellow Fur Lovers Banned From Mahiki Nightclub

Celebrity fur lovers such as Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss will not be welcome at one of London's most exclusive nightclubs this week, as Mahiki puts a ban on fur wearers.

PETA have teamed up with the famous celebrity haunt to put a neon sign above the Mayfair club's door featuring the word "FUR" with a slash through it.

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Back in 2009, Kim made it clear that she wouldn't be giving up fur. Writing on her blog she said: "Recently I have seen all of these blogs and magazine articles saying that I have given up fur. I definitely commend people who have taken that step to give it up, but to just be honest I have not."

However, anti-fur stars such as Kim's sister Khloe, Helen Flanagan, Meg Mathews, Lucy Watson and more will be welcome at the party on Thursday night.

Interior designer and Noel Gallagher's ex wife, Meg said: "I'll definitely be going. I love the idea of being able to show how fabulous being fur-free can be."

"Anyone who wants to be 'in' needs to know that fur is most definitely 'out'", said PETA's Mimi Bekhechi. "The hottest trend in fashion is compassion, so we applaud Mahiki for taking a stand against real fur and hope to see other clubs following suit."

The fur ban at Mahiki is a one-off event - fingers crossed they soon make that neon sign permanent.

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