26/02/2014 09:46 GMT | Updated 26/02/2014 09:59 GMT

Nick Clegg's Funniest Expressions (PHOTOS)

David Cheskin/PA Archive
UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg looks around a affordable and sustainable new two bedroom house during a visit to Aviemore.

Nick Clegg has returned to a topic that made him public enemy number one amongst students - fees - rejecting the 'myth' around the high cost of going to university.

Dismissing claims that costs of £9,000 per year for tuition would lead to degrees becoming bastions of the rich as 'wild', the deputy prime minister sought credit for measures implemented by the Lib Dems since joining the coalition government.

Speaking about the broken promise over tuition fees, Clegg said: "I've said I'm sorry for that, and I meant it... but what matters to me now is that you know you can still afford to go to university - and that you don't let the myths that have emerged crowd out the facts."

You've got admire his chutzpah, if nothing else, but in the five years that he has confused and angered students across the country, he's also provided some entertainment.

So, to give you a few minutes of 'joy', we've created a gallery of Nick's funniest facial expressions and actions.

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