Opternative Online Eye Test Could Revolutionise Sight Exams

A new online venture is seeking to revolutionise the humble eye-test by enabling you to take one on your computer at home.

The results will even be signed off by an ophthalmologist, issuing you with a prescription - all for a fraction of the cost of visiting an opticians.

Opternative has just received $1 million in funding and is still in the alpha-stage of testing but has already been described as an "innovative and disruptive" idea.

The online test requires the subject to calibrate their computer screen by measuring a credit card on the screen.

Cleverly, they are then instructed to take a certain number of steps back depending on shoe size.

Dr Steven Lee, the co-founder of Opternative, told Tech Crunch: "Doing eye testing day in and day out, I thought ‘there has to be a better way to do this'."

The test - which only takes 5-10 minutes - promises to cost around $35 (£21) in the US, around 75% less than current prices.

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