27/02/2014 08:38 GMT | Updated 27/02/2014 08:59 GMT

'TOWIE' Star Peri Sinclair's Mother Killed In Freak Accident

'TOWIE' star Peri Sinclair's mother, Mandy Fowell, has been killed in a freak accident.

Peri, 22, has been left distraught after her mother was crushed to death when a barn at her £500,000 country home in Abridge, Essex collapsed.

The tragic incident reportedly happened on 7 February at about 4pm and may have been caused by a recent fierce storm which caused a tree to fall down onto the old brick-built outhouse.

peri sinclair

Peri Sinclair

Peri left 'TOWIE' in 2012 and has since been helping run her mother’s chain of three Bizara card shops.

In a statement, the Crown Street traders group, told the Evening Standard: “Ever since Mandy came here with the shop, about two years ago, she was totally supportive of Crown Street and 100 per cent behind anything we did to promote the street.

“The ideas she had and the way she made them happen were unique and this is a tragic loss.”

And an assistant manager at nearby The Blue Boar pub, which features in 'TOWIE', added: “Peri’s a lovely friendly person - I can’t imagine what she’s going through."

A funeral is being held on Thursday.

Bafta Award-winning show 'The Only Way Is Essex' is currently filming for its 11th series.

When Peri first joined the show, aged 19, she took part in an interview with Crown Street's website explaining why she'd become involved in the reality show.

“Some of the shoots can be really long, but it’s such a laugh. We’re all friends in real life, so it’s just like hanging out, only with a camera in the background. The crew are really great, too. It’s just a really nice atmosphere,” she explained.


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