Saucy: Lincoln Student Melissa Ibbitson Eats Her Body Weight In Ketchup EVERY YEAR

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Melissa Ibbitson, of Lincoln University, is ketchup's number one fan. The 19 year old consumes almost 75kg kilograms of the condiment EVERY YEAR.

Ibbitson's addiction to the sauce began four years ago, after being a lifelong fan and enthusiast for the sugar-laden condiment. Since then it has been commonplace for Melissa to get through three a bottles a week, which amounts to a tonne of the saucy delight annually.

Melissa told the Metro she is concerned about the effect consuming 12 stone, the equivalent of three children, of tomato ketchup is having on her body: "I eat so much of the stuff – I dread to think what it’s doing to my body."

"My friends get really embarrassed when I ask for 12 sachets for my meals."

The theology student, who has been known to walk out of restaurants for not stocking her favourite condiment, shows no signs of slowing down with her addiction, with her reaching the point of consuming tomato sauce with almost every meal.

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