28/02/2014 18:31 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Woman Who Gave Birth In New York Street Reunited With Kind Stranger (Video)

Polly McCourt, the British woman who made headlines after giving birth on a New York street corner, has been reunited with the Good Samaritan who gave up her jumper and coat to keep the new mum and her baby warm.

Isabel Williams, 20, works as a sales assistant at a nearby department store and was out on a coffee run for colleagues when she spotted Oxfordshire-born Polly McCourt lying in the street and hurried over to help. She first gave up her jumper to warm baby Ila, then shed her coat to cover Polly.

"I wouldn't want to be exposed in front of the whole of New York City," she explained.

Polly's husband, Cian, took Isabel's phone number but it became lost in the commotion, and the couple publicly appealed for the kind stranger to come forward. Reunited in front of cameras, in this video the pair share their memories of the day while cradling three-day-old Ila.

Polly and Cian gave their little girl the middle name 'Isabelle' as a tribute to Williams' big-hearted gesture in Polly's hour of need.

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