01/03/2014 19:20 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Watch! Haim's New Video Makes Makes Us Want To Learn Their Moves

We're obsessed with super-cool sister trio Haim, and they've just released the video for their new music video for single If I Could Change Your Mind. And while our dance-envy is usually reserved for Beyonce, we're seriously impressed with their routine.

With the girls dressed in simple black outfits, their hair in loose, sexy waves, they're shot against the simplest of backdrops, meaning the four-minute long release is all about Este, Danielle, Alana and their moves. Just as it should be.

Dance routines aren't such a popular video route for girl bands in the 2010s, especially ones who wear leather and play guitars. So we love that the girls have resurrected the trend for moving and shakin' in time, and made it cool with no hint of twerking in site.

We're loving the clicky, fist-pumpy thing their choreographer has come up with, too. We're off to grab two willing gal pals to recreate it.

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