03/03/2014 01:50 GMT | Updated 03/03/2014 04:59 GMT

Oscars 2014: Ellen Degeneres Fares Brilliantly As Host, Treating A-Listers Like Friends At A Party

Ellen Degeneres brought her distinctive charm to the Oscars, making her second round of hosting duties a triumph of humour, warmth and general ability to laugh at the whole thing.

In an evening she conducted with panache throughout, here were, arguably, her best bits:

At one point, Ellen was ordering in the pizzas, and handing them out

  1. Congratulating the Liza Minelli impersonator, until she 'realised' it was, in fact, Liza Minelli.
  2. Picking on Jennifer Lawrence from the beginning, cleverly leaning on J-Law's own popularity, and ability to trip up (again!) and still be laughing - until Ellen found her own rhythm.
  3. The neat little gag about people missing their mark - all delivered while half-way out of shot, and then walking back in.
  4. Wandering around the auditorium, greeting A-listers like old friends, which most of them are.

A kiss from Bradley Cooper seals a cracking night for Ellen

  • This casual approach culminating in ordering in a pizza, and handing it out, albeit only to the proper royal rows. You could tell Brad Pitt is a father of six, the way he commandeered the plates and was handing them out to the likes of Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, and a keen-to-be-in-on-it Kevin Spacey who kept popping up from a few rows further back.
  • Running on in another costume change - this time crown, wings, wand, etc - in time for the 'Wizard of Oz' celebration. Proper old school, but still got a laugh.
  • THAT selfie - no words, and even the discovery that it was some stunningly-contrived stunt by Samsung didn't destroy the power of the moment, when A-listers turned into just another bunch of F'book tweenies.
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