04/03/2014 06:41 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Just Desserts For Toddler Who Refuses To Share Her Pop-Tart With Mum (Funny Video)

A toddler who refused to give her mum a bite of her snack learned the hard way that what goes around comes around.

In a funny little clip, the cute girl teases her mum with her Pop-Tart before refusing to share it.

This otherwise adorable child learned the importance of sharing after refusing to give her mother a bite of a Pop-Tart.

She then lifts her shoulder, in that way little girls do, turns on her heel – and then walks into a glass door.

Hence the title of the video: "Poptart karma."

Mum quickly ran to her daughter's aid, but was sufficiently amused by the incident to upload the video on Reddit, with the message: "My daughter getting what she deserves."

That's tough love, for you!