Pheromone Dating: Sniffing Someone's Dirty T-Shirt To Find Your Soulmate? No Thanks

Gone are the days of meeting your future spouse down the local pub, nowadays singles are using weird and wonderful ways to find that special someone.

But if using social media apps such as Tinder to find suitors within a one mile radius may have seemed new age, think again.

Pheromone Parties, a new dating craze where singles literally sniff out their perfect match, have landed fresh off the plane from LA. And frankly, we kind of wish they'd never made it through customs.

Pheromones are the chemical triggers of sexual attraction in mammals. If you are attracted to someone’s pheromones, it is believed to be an indicator that the pair of you will have healthy offspring.

So now Cupid and his (not-so-helpful) helpers have devised a plan: put a bunch of people in a room, make them smell eachother's stinky T-shirts and we can all live happily every after.


Call me prudish. But there's something about letting your nose sniff out a new partner, rather than trusting you heart or your eyes that doesn't sit so well with me.

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How the party works is simple:

1. Guests are asked to sleep in a cotton t-shirt for 3 nights in a row to capture their odour print and bring this in a ziploc bag to the party.

2. Bags are labelled pink for girls, blue for boys. The bags are assigned a number and only the guest knows what their shirt’s number is.

3. Bags are placed on a table. Guests smell the bags at their leisure throughout the party.

4. If a guest finds the smell attractive, they take a picture with the bag. These pictures are projected as a slide show on the wall at the party.

5. If you see a guest you find attractive holding your number, this is the green light to talk to them!

6. At the end of the party, a Facebook album is created and all of the pictures are tagged - so if you missed your match at the party, you can still contact them.

Pheromone Parties are making their European debut in London at Stories bar on Tuesday 25 March 2014, 7.30pm - 11pm.

Stories, 30- 31 Broadway Market, London, E8 4QJ

£6 advance tickets (excl booking fee) or £10 on the door