10/03/2014 07:11 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Giggling Dad Films Child After Child Slipping On Icy Path (Video)

Iowa dad Alan Andersen found a hilarious way to pass the time while waiting to pick his daughter up from school on a freezing cold afternoon - filming a stream of unwitting pupils slipping on a patch of black ice.

Alan noticed that every child was skidding over at the same place, so he began to film them. In the video, he can't contain himself as one child after another succumbs to the slippery patch of ice. He narrates each youngster's approach in anticipation, then bursts into laughter as they go sliding over backwards, arms and legs flailing helplessly.

His daughter giggles "We're kind of bad people," after joining him in the car, although all of the kids bounce back up, unhurt. But she can't help but dissolve into a fit of laughter as yet another unsuspecting lad strides onto the slippery patch and promptly starts skittering back and forth like Bambi on ice.

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