10/03/2014 11:22 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Shocking Footage Shows Toddler SMOKING (Video)

A shocking video has emerged of a toddler SMOKING what appears to be a real cigarette. The young girl - believed to be aged about two or three - sucks on the cigarette several times and puffs out dark smoke.

It is believed the footage was filmed in Finland, and, not surprisingly, it has triggered outrage from viewers - although some say she could be smoking an e-cigarette (as if that makes it OK!).

One said: "Must originate from her sick parents or siblings. Persons under 18 are not allowed to either sell or purchase tobacco in Finland.

"The country has among the toughest smoking laws in the world."

Another wrote simply: "So wrong."

The video came to light at the same time as MPs are considering whether to make smoking in cars carrying children illegal.

Labour has proposed an amendment to the Children and Families Bill which would make it a legal obligation for drivers of private vehicles to fail to prevent smoking when a child is present.

And in another development,
Health Minister Mark Drakeford said he fears that electronic cigarettes are 're-normalising' smoking and believes there is a case for tighter laws.

He told BBC Wales' Sunday Politics that he was very anxious about the devices. Legislation is going through parliament to ban their sale to under-18s in England and a vote in the assembly on Tuesday would extend it to Wales.

He said: "I am far more worried that the e-cigarette movement is re-normalising smoking, that it's re-glamorising smoking.

"It contains nicotine and nicotine is highly addictive. And what we don't want are e-cigarettes to become a gateway to real cigarettes."

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