10/03/2014 07:11 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

TV Reporter Ambushed By Snowball-Throwing Kids (Video)

In this hilarious video, ABC reporter Mike Conneen got more than he bargained for when he attracted the attention of a group of kids armed with snowballs while broadcasting from snowed-in Washington D.C.

As he tries vainly to report on the extreme weather which is freezing out the north-eastern region of the US, Conneen is forced to duck and dodge as wave after wave of snowballs come flying at him.

His attackers were a group of local children, who couldn't resist the obvious target Conneen presented in the centre of the city's famous Dupont Circle park.

He initially took the assault in good humour and boldly demanded: "Is that all you got!". But as the wave of snowballs intensified he couldn't help but let his TV vanity slip out, yelping: "Not in the face!"