DataSTICKIES USB Port Drives Are The Post-It Notes Of The Future

These Cool Strips Are The Post-It Note Of The Future

The humble sticky note may be getting a hi-tech revamp.

An theoretical concept has reimagined the ubiquitous yellow sheets of paper as a replacement for USB drives called dataSTICKIES.

The thin strips would attach to the edge of your monitor where your computer could optically transfer data to them.

How dataSTICKIES could work

Aditi Singh and Parang Anand who came up with the idea believe a paper thin-sheet of graphene sandwiched between two protective layers could provide as much as 32GB of storage.

Unfortunately the idea is still very much in its conceptual stage although and the actual process of transferring data from a surface to the dataSTICKIE is yet to be worked out.

Despite this it's an interesting idea and one that demonstrates the imaginativeness of designers who are trying to make our lives just that bit simpler and better designed.

Graphene, a flat mono-layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice, is being touted as a revolution in a number of fields.

It has been used to (accidentally) create the world's thinnest glass that is only two atoms thick.

A powder made from the material can soak up to 33 times its weight opening up the possibility it could be used to clean up oil spills or other toxic substances.

And an 'aerogel' made from graphene recently became the world's official lightest solid material - a cubic centimetre of the stuff weighs just 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimetre, making it just twice as dense as hydrogen gas.

Pretty impressive for just carbon...


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