The 'First Kiss' Video Parodies Have Started Coming In (Warning: One Is NSFW)

Yes, the spoofs of this week's must-see video, 'First Kiss' - Tatia Pilieva's film of 20 strangers kissing for the first time, which you can see above - have begun. Here are the ones we've spotted so far...

From Andy King and John Dredge - aka King Dredge - a terribly British first handshake:

From Heart Sussex & Surrey - DJ Jack The Lad kisses 20... well, things:

TimmyFellDownThe Well, meanwhile, has an awkward first kiss... with himself:

And to finish things off - as it were - from Pimms Girl: the really rather rude (and thus NSFW) 'First Handjob':

See? Despite knowing that the original video was, in fact, a fashion advert, the story still has a happy ending.

UPDATE: We've just found a new one - and it might well be our favourite (at least so far). Created by Mother London, this is 'First Sniff':

UPDATE: College Humor bring us strangers eating sandwiches for the first time: