'Hogfish' Picture Takes Web By Storm, But Is It Real or Fake?

Meet The 'Hogfish'

So look, there is an image reportedly going around the internet.

That sentence alone should be enough to make you raise your scepticism shields.

But did we mention that the image in question is of a supposed pig-fish hybrid, that it's called the "hogfish" and it looks like this?

The text alongside the image reads as follows:

"A new species of fish has been discovered in Texas creeks. It’s know as the Wild Hogfish and can be extremely aggressive, and their numbers are increasing like crazy. Very tasty, a little like bacon, they are good eatin’. Once reintroduced domestically, they become goldfish."

Another version of the text says:

"This ‘pig-nose fish’, was found in the dam of Clanwilliam,flowing waters of the Burg Rivers of Cape Town, South Africa. I have never seen one of these critters but doubt it that it would be kosher or halaal "

And yes, it's fake:

Sorry everyone. Photoshop, amrite?


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