Salamander: The 13 Questions We Need Answers To In Finale Of Belgian Drama (PICTURES)

Salamander: The 13 Questions We Need Answers To

'Salamander' is coming to an end this weekend, with Paul Gerardi slowly - or not so slowly - recovering from the loss of his wife, and hot on the trail of the man intent on bringing down Belgium, or at least shaming some of the country's most revered figures into falling on their respective swords.

There's a lot to account for with only two episodes to go, namely:

  1. Is Gerardi going to be able to bring Gil Wolfs to justice?
  2. Are we sure we want him to, bearing in mind how awful the Salamander lot are?
  3. Will it bring down Salamander, will their secrets and shames be shared, or will Raymond Jonkhere live to see another whisky?
  4. Will Wolfs' trained assassin Klaus keep a cool head and emerge scott-free, or finally implode in a ball of hair gel, beard and self-importance?

Klaus (Koen De Bouw) - unknowable, deadly, bearded

  • Talking of hair gel and self-importance, will Vincent Noel be busted, or end up virtually running the country now he's been inveigled into the Prime Minister's office?
  • Will Gerardi's boss Martin keep his job? Will Gerardi keep his?
  • Why is Gerardi's former colleague Carl Cassimon in a monastery, and will he stay there?
  • How is Brother Victor quite so whizz and distinctly unmonastic with the computer?
  • Over at the elite P9 agency, Will Adams learn how to run properly between the office and the car?
  • Paul Gerardi is still intent on avenging his wife's mysterious death

  • Will Gerardi's romance with Patricia be saved, bearing in mind she'll think he was only ever out for her father, and he'll think she's a murderer's daughter - oh, and because it's only a fortnight since his wife was blown up in his car?
  • Will their daughters remain friends with all this going on?
  • Will Gerardi get a fresh pair of jeans?
  • Will we get a second series???
  • The last of these can, at least, be answered now. It's a resounding 'Oui' (or 'Ja' in Flemish) to that one. The second series is currently being rewritten, while the first one, in the best traditions, is being geared up for an English-language remake.




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