13/03/2014 08:34 GMT | Updated 13/03/2014 10:59 GMT

New Zealand Victoria University Bar Sells Beer For The Price Of One Dead Rat

Arathrael Photography via Getty Images

Forget money, or even bitcoin, the new way of paying for your booze at your uni bar is in dead rats.

A university in New Zealand is offering its students a beer in exchange for a dead rat, in the hope of culling the rodent infestation at the institution.

And you'll even get a rat trap for free.

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Victoria University's science society has put a bounty on the rats hoping it will be an "offer students just can't refuse", according to 3News.

Jonathan Musther, president of the society, explains: "There are obviously people who get behind it for the drinks, the rewards, but then there are a lot of ecology students who are very passionate about trapping and very passionate about New Zealand native flora and fauna.

The new campaign to rid the university of rats is being launched on Thursday, and there will be 100 humane rat traps available for the student bounty hunters, as well as an unlimited bar.

Ready, set, trap.

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