Future London Concept Images: Will Skyscrapers Dominate The Capital In 2064?

London Could Look Like This By 2064

London could be about to add more than 250 high-rise apartment blocks, office buildings and skyscrapers in the next decade according to recent reports. But by the end of the century? The city could be unrecognisable.

In an amazing new set of concept images by architect David Edwards, released to promote sci-fi flick The Machine, London is shown as it could appear in 2064.

In this futuristic, but flooded, city the Shard is humbled by dozens of new towers and sparkling skyscrapers, while wind turbines rest on the banks of the Thames. Boris Johnson's Garden Bridge is present and correct, joined by several other parks. But the Houses of Parliament are cast out into the river, rising tides having consigned Waterloo bridge into the water.

St Paul's is still there, obviously, but the venerable cathedral is cast in shadow by the massive hulks surrounding it. Meanwhile one of London's newest real buildings - the so-called Walkie Talkie - is amusingly still covered in black curtains, its tendency to melt nearby cars apparently unfixed even seven decades into the future.

Take a look at the concept images in more detail below. The Machine is in cinemas/VoD 21 March and DVD/Blu-ray 31 March.


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