‘Celebrity Big Brother' Couple Lee Ryan And Jasmine Waltz In Shock (Ahem) Love Split

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ lovers Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz have ended their relationship, that's if they were ever properly together in the first place.

Jasmine reportedly confirmed the split with a tweet, which was swiftly deleted. Nice.

Heatworld reports that the model wrote: “I tried…U lost. 2% man 98% bulls***”

Jasmine and Lee in happier times in Thailand

Unfortunately, Lee left Twitter earlier this month, so we won’t be able to hear his side of the story for a while.

Lee and Jasmine have put on a number of very public displays of affection since first canoodling in the loos on ‘CBB’.

Lee and Jasmine often got frisky in the 'CBB' house

Lothario Lee caused a stir on ‘CBB’ when a love triangle developed between him, Jasmine and model Casey Batchelor.

For anyone who can’t remember what went down, there was basically a lot of tears from Casey, while Lee moaned about being portrayed as a love rat by the show’s editors.

Perhaps Jas and Casey will finally see eye-to-eye now?

We hate to say it Jasmine, but the phrase "told you so" comes to mind...

Luisa Zissman and Jasmine Waltz