Why Hasn't Malaysia Airlines MH370 Been Found? This GIF Explains It.

This One GIF Explains Why Flight MH370 Hasn't Been Found

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared somewhere over the Pacific or Indian Ocean almost a week ago, but so far no sign of any wreckage has been found.

At first it might seem like that fact just doesn't make sense. As others have said this week, how can a modern airliner with GPS trackers, communications equipment and a "black box" recorder just go missing - especially when NASA and the internet at large are on the case?

Because the ocean is big.

How big? Well The Washington Post have just published an interactive feature which describes the scale involved, and Gizmodo have boiled it down into a GIF.

We're talking an area 160,000 miles square. Which, when zoomed out to the width of this post, is almost invisible.

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