'Sherlock' Star Andrew Scott Stars In 'The Stag' (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

As Sherlock's great foe and equal Moriarty, we're used to seeing actor Andrew Scott in cool, detached control of all his surroundings, able to play with other people's emotions and actions at a whim.

Not so much in his latest role, that of Davin, not entirely organised best man to Fionan (High O'Conor) in Irish comedy 'The Stag' in cinemas this weekend.

Self-confessed metrosexual Fionan (for lessons in how to pronounce that, see our Exclusive Clip above) doesn’t want a Stag Do, but would happily attend the Hen instead.

His concerned bride-to-be Ruth (Amy Huberman) persuades the marginally more macho best man Davin to organise one. Reluctantly he agrees, while doing everything he can to stop Ruth’s infamously alpha male brother, known only as ‘The Machine’ (Peter McDonald), gatecrashing their sober, walking-weekend, excuse for a Stag Party. Not so easily foxed, ‘The Machine’ tracks them down, sparking to life a wild few days in rural Ireland where the Stags find themselves lost, shot at, stoned and butt-naked. Inevitably.

And we have an EXCLUSIVE CLIP above.

'The Stag' is in UK cinemas from today. Watch the trailer below...

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