16/03/2014 22:54 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston And Kevin Bacon On Separation Anxiety (Video)

Bryan Cranston, Kevin Bacon and Mike Myers talk about how they - as fathers - cope with separation anxiety, in episode six of Hank Azaria's Fatherhood documentary series.

Seeing your child's eyes well up and their bottom lip begin to wobble as you turn to leave is heart-wrenching and - as Hank learns in Episode 6: Letting Go - dealing with your own emotions as your child prepares to take their first steps into the world without you by their side, is just as distressing.

Luckily for Hank, he has a bevy of famous fathers on standby to offer him support and advice through these trying times.

Bryan Cranston and Kevin Bacon have played tough men in many a Hollywood production, so surely they'll be unfazed by a little separation anxiety... or so you would think:

"When you walk them down the street, the first time they let your hand go it blows your mind," Kevin confesses. "Because you go: Wow, this little person is going to have to go off and live without me. It's big. It's a big moment."

Watch the video above to see the advice famous fathers and child care experts offer Hank about how to find a healthy balance between your impulse to protect your child and when to step back and let them experience tough moments, like heart break and arguments, on their own, because as Kevin says:


To completely shelter them from those life experiences is ultimately criminal. It's not giving them skills to survive.


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