How Kevin Bacon, Mike Myers And Bryan Cranston Talk To Their Kids About Sex (Video)

How Kevin Bacon, Mike Myers And Bryan Cranston Talk To Their Kids About Sex (Video)

Sex can be a tricky topic for fathers to broach with their children, as Bryan Cranston, Kevin Bacon and Mike Myers all attest.

Celebrity dads open up about having 'the talk' with their kids in the seventh episode of Hank Azaria's compelling Fatherhood documentary series.

Hank's son Hal is now four years old, and has developed quite a knack for asking awkward questions about all the provocative topics you're told to avoid at a dinner party, like religion, death and sex.

"One day he went 'Hey, how did you guys make me?'" says Hank. "He had a whole big theory about it, and it's amazing how close to accurate it was. He was like, 'I think Daddy had a magic wand and it exploded.'"

In Episode 7: The birds and the bees, Hank asks his famous friends about how their parents taught them about sex and how they've tackled the topic with their own children.

As you'd expect, their differing techniques produce varied - and often very funny - results. Mike Myers admits that when he was 12 years old, he had no idea what his dad was talking about when he told him to be 'careful' with the girls he knocked about with.

While, when The West Wing actor Joshua Malina's eight-year-old daughter learned what sex was, she exclaimed in horror: "You did that to her [mum] twice!"

A more successful approach was employed by the father of True Blood actor Stephen Moyer. The British actor said, "It was really beautiful and it was almost word for word what I did with my son. He talked about how a lot of your mates will talk to you about what they think sex is. That you've got to do this by a certain age and that by a certain age.

"It's not a race, it's the most beautiful thing that you can do on this planet. It will come to you when it's the right time and you need to respect the person that you're with."

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