Silver Cross Aston Martin Edition - The World's Most Exclusive Pushchair

When the BMW branded Maclaren buggy launched in Harrods last month, little did we realise it would be overtaken quite so soon as swankiest special edition pram on the block. Hot on its, ahem, wheels and most definitely upping the luxury ante far further than the BMW buggy, is the 'Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition', unveiled recently at Aston Martin's exclusive Central London showroom.

Trying not to drool too obviously over the gorgeousness of 007's favourite sports cars in the main hall, we were ushered through to where a rather smaller but equally chic set of wheels was waiting to be shown off to the press. The question on our minds (other than how many decades it will take us to save for one of the cars): could any pushchair ever be worth the Surf Aston Martin Edition's eye-watering £2000 price tag?

Now it's our job to be a cynical old bunch and give you the warts and all lowdown on baby products but we have to say we were thoroughly seduced by what we were to encounter. The collaboration between these two most classically English of brands really works – after all, both shriek (well whisper - they're far too subtle to do any shrieking) quality, heritage and understated elegance.

Silver Cross' designers have taken what is fundamentally their Surf (already an impressive pushchair in its normal form and at £600, within a few more parents' reach), and bedecked it with loveliness and luxury of the same level found in your average Aston.

So the fabrics for the carrycot lining are the plush Alcantara used in the cars – beautifully tactile and more expensive than suede yet far more practical as it's stain resistant (good job given you're going to be sticking a puking, poo'ing baby in that carrycot).

There are alloy wheels and a gorgeously shiny die cast aluminium handlebar accented with the very finest leather around and a pushchair seat truly fit for a prince or princess (Kate and William? Are you reading this?)

It all oozes understated luxury but at the same time appears practical too - weight is kept to around the same as the standard Surf and everything from a baby's comfort, to keeping it all clean has been considered.

Of course at two grand, this is a pushchair affordable to the fortunate few but that won't worry Silver Cross, as this is a very limited edition model, with just 800 individually numbered prams for sale worldwide. If you're lucky enough to be in the market for an uber-luxe buggy, this is a very fine choice indeed.

The Silver Cross Aston Martin Edition pushchair is available from today in Harrods.

Would you spend £2000 on a pushchair if you could?