17/03/2014 06:04 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Boy Thrown Out Of Scouts Because He Is Not Prepared To Pledge Allegiance To God

Boy thrown out of scouts because he is not prepared to pledge allegiance to GodPA

A boy of 11 has been told he can no longer be a Scout because he has admitted he does not believe in God.

George Pratt had been attending the 1st Midsomer Norton scouts pack in Somerset since January and was asked to take the Scout Promise, which requires a pledge of allegiance to God.

When George said he was an atheist and did not believe in God, he was told he could not come to any more meetings.

George says he thinks the ruling is 'very unfair' and says he is missing out on all the adventures and opportunities scouts have just because of his views. Despite that, he vowed he would not go back on his beliefs and change his decision.

His dad Nick, 45, said the organisation was being 'narrow-minded' and said that 'given Christianity is meant to be about being tolerant, forgiving and understanding,' he was surprised that George had been asked to leave.

He added that 'you are allowed to join if you are a Christian or a Muslim but you can't not believe in God.'

Scout spokesperson Simon Carter told the Metro that 'all young people are required to make the Scout Promise to become a Scout'.

"Variations of the Scout Promise are available for different faiths such as the use of "Allah" to replace God for Muslim Scouts," he said. "However all variations of the Promise must recognise the 'Duty to God' element."

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