'Educating Joey Essex': 11 Of The Best 'Reem' Quotes From The 'TOWIE' Star's New Show

11 Best Joey-Isms From 'Educating Joey Essex'

If you were fortunate enough to be watching ITV2 on Sunday night, you'll no doubt have caught the televisual opus that was 'Educating Joey Essex', where we got to see concrete proof that you can take the boy out of Brentwood but you absolutely can not take the Brentwood out of the boy.

Leaving ex-fiancée Sam Faiers and the rest of the 'TOWIE' brood far behind, we saw the former 'I'm a Celeb' contestant and potential MENSA contender boarding a plane in a bid to broaden his horizons and educate himself on other cultures with a trip to Africa.

Needless to say, that wasn't exactly how it went down.

Educating Joey Essex

Instead we saw Joey Essex teaching a tribe about the importance of being "reem", fearing for his life after being nipped by a monkey and - in our personal favourite scene - being seriously told off by a safari guide for hanging out of the car and singing loudly.

Say what you want about Joey, but we find his endearing nature infectious and impossible not to be charmed by, and his one-liners over the hour-long show were laugh-out-loud funny, even when he didn't necessarily mean them to be.

Here are some of the most 'reem' quotes from Sunday's 'Educating Joey Essex'...

11 'Reem' Quotes From 'Educating Joey Essex'

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